PREVAL Spray-Dosen Handgriff

Ideal für Benutzung mit PlastiDip Sprühdosen

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PREVAL Spray-Dosen Handgriff
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The PREVAL vGrip is a revolutionary new, patented pistol grip spray can tool that easily snaps on to standard aerosol spray cans, such as PlastiDip - transforming them into professional-style spray guns with unprecedented control, for hours of effortless, pain-free spraying. Also easy to use with gloves.

Features and Benefits

PREVAL vGrip's trigger with double leverage action provides effortless spray control and the FutureLock attachment ring makes attaching and removing vGrip twice as easy while fitting 100% of all standard spray cans.

Aerosol users may experience pain to parts of the actuating finger(s) which can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in the hand and fingers, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition in which there is long term pressure on the users median nerve. The vGrip's ergonomic trigger evenly distributes trigger pressure across your hand, further minimizing the chance for pain, slippage and accidents.

The handle also allows users to keep fingers away from caustic chemicals, solvent and oil based paints, dangerous fixatives and more. The vGrip also limits the potential for severe frostbite depending upon propellant composition.

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